Saturday, August 25, 2007

Element 5

I didn't find much to be interested in, in terms of these mashup sites, although I did render my name in randomly generated letters from Spell with Flickr (see below).

The idea of Fixr, recreating uncaptured memories using corresponding photos from the lives of others, is intriguingly disturbing--I sent them a test query and am waiting to see if they can supply an image to represent the thing I want to remember.

The only other item on this list I took any pleasure in, from FlickrFling, was the matching of images to the words of RSS headlines.

Element 4

How We Are Now

This is a an idea that the Tate Britain had for making the first major photographic exhibit at the museum collaborative. They integrated the technology and community of Flickr into their exhibition, holding a contest for people to submit their photographic representations of current Britain. Then forty finalists were selected to be shown at the Tate:

I particularly like the commentary on social, environmental, and economic conditions found in Towards Blackcombe, Natural Light from the Window, and Bent. All three convey tension--
the clarity of focus against worn-down human:,

the wash of light over abuse:,

the border of industrial refuse around the pastoral:

You may also look at the thousands of photographs submitted here to get an idea of the level of community interest and skill as well as the diversity of point-of-view:

I think this is an excellent example of an institution making an attempt to be more democratic--one that is instructive to those of us in public libraries.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Element 1

I was going to say that this is my first post, but it merely represents my first post.

Element 2

I think the habit that comes easiest to me is viewing problems as challenges. I am quite used to viewing setbacks as things that are simply inviting me to generate alternate strategies or challenges that represent opportunities for me to think in a more flexible manner.

Most difficult for me is probably the area involving keeping the end in mind. While I do have outcomes in mind when I plan, it does require a great deal of organization to remain focused on those targets at every point in the progress towards those targets.